Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 6 Am offer blues

So fairly fresh from bidding war heartbreak #1, I've found another house to have a go at. This one isn't exactly in our target neighbourhood - but it appears our budget isn't in our target neighbourhood either.
Such are the sacrifices we make for a detached 3 bedroom home.
We registered an offer last night even though I'm still feeling a little gun shy. But despite jumping right in - first day on the market - the brakes are on. 'Husband is out of town' which smells to me like 'thanks for the interest, now let me get every other offer I can before we actually look at yours' so we're presenting said offer at some point today.
Long story short, it's 6 am and I'm sitting here comparing the house we're in to the house we'd be going to. I'm looking at schools and daycare options and counting kitchen cupboards and mentally placing furniture.
I really hate this process.

I'll keep you posted.

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