Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home is where you hang your head

Ok- first, my apologies for leaving you hanging. Things suddenly got very crazy around here.

Next, please indulge me for a minute and allow me to go back in time.

After we lost the bidding war on house number 1, I took a step back and created a plan. I figured we were in the hunt for the long haul and wanted to be sure I didn't jump at a house for house sake. I wanted to know I had a list to check back against. I can be a little impulsive and wanted to know I was jumping into the house we wanted, not just the house that was available.

This is sound practice I have used more than once and it has served me well.

The list does two things. It makes you come to terms with what you can't live without, what's a 'nice to have', the things that are little perks and the things that don't matter much.

It also means your agent can act as a voice of reason when you 'fall hard' for something that doesn't really meet your needs.

Now I strongly believe that the list can be tossed by the way side for love...but generally that ends in a For Sale sign on your lawn a few years earlier than you expected.

Eh -hem. Like now. On our lawn for example.

Just so you can follow along at home, here's our list...

Must Haves

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Finished basement

Grassy backyard

Deck or patio area

Living room 10+ feet

Parking - would consider street parking but only if pressed

Storage space of some kind

If renovated kitchen, ample cupboard space and lots of counter space (island preferred)

Front entry way with room to remove shoes etc with coat hook area or closet

Big renos like electrical, plumbing, windows, roof and basement already completed

A small percentage of brown/beige 'unchangeable without great cost' tile

Hardwood ( pee pee cats)

Nice to Haves

Laundry sink

Painted wood

Modern design touches

Big closets



Ability to use some basement space for office

A nod to character (original glass or floor) without character with a capital C


Eat in kitchen

Walk in shower

Front porch


Not interested in

Big basement Reno

Serious construction issues

Multiple bathroom renos

Ripping out expensive landscaping for grass

Being attached on both sides

Willing to take on

Cosmetic changes (lighting, paint, some flooring if necessary)

Some spacial re-org of finished basement ie it's currently 4th bedroom and office - create big open play area with office in corner

Small Landscaping of deck, patio or play area, fencing. Nothing major.

Full Kitchen if it's the only project and the price allows for it. (think granite, ikea cabinets, pot and overhead lighting, backsplash, structure if necessary, sink and faucet, appliances- 30 - 45000?

Front of house spruce up as a longer term project if necessary

I mentioned in our last post that we put in an offer. Didn't I already say I was impulsive?

Stay tuned to hear how this house measures up...

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