Monday, September 20, 2010

All In

My heart still does a little pitter patter when I think about "The House". We fell head over heels on Sunday. Had our agents on board by nightfall.
Woke up to the decision to make and offer then set off in a whirlwind to get it all together by 'offer time'.
We learned everything we could, arranged our financing pre-approval, sent Brel off on a mad mission of information gathering, offering preparation, fit in yet another showing, and settled on a number I believe we all thought would at least put us in the running.

Everyone says there are no bidding wars anymore. And that prices are dropping. And everything is sitting on the market.

Well, to everyone I say "Have you been to Leslieville?"

There was nothing we could do but wait as the team went in to present our offer. We got the report that it was well received - but as the first of 8 there was no way of knowing.

About and hour or so later we got the news. 2 offers came in substantially higher. "The House" would not be Our House.

I'd never been in a bidding war before. This was my 4th purchase experience and it's hard to describe what a blow it is to be in and then be shut out.

I'm not sure I'd do it again - given it's been a week and it still smarts. But if I find myself in another I can't say I'd do it much differently.

We had a big deposit on hand, no conditions, a (slightly) flexible close date, an 'all in' offer. And a little stash left to give us a wee bit of room to move.

I guess that's all you can do. That and hope like hell everyone else at the table loves it less or has substantially shallower pockets.

In our case it was neither. So now we're hunting for a house - hopefully even more perfect.

I'm doubtful such an abode exists. But the BREL team has stepped up to the plate convinced it's just a matter of time until we're the proud owners of "THE HOUSE" - the one that makes us forget all about the one that got away.

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